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Raulí (Zona Sur)

Raulí (Zona Sur)


Brushed and Calibrated National Native Woods



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Scientific Name: Nothofagus Alpina
Genus: Nothofagaceae

Species of slow development, its size within the species of trees of the Chilean forest is one of the majors, can reach the 40 meters of height and the diameter with facility in adult state can reach the 2 meters.

The species is immensely quoted, even introduced in British Isles, where they gave good results, in addition it has been introduced in the North Pacific Coast of the United States and finally also in Norway. The wood of raulí of characteristic colors due to its pink and clear tonalities with presence of bicolor and marked veins, will allow to obtain unique pieces, used in a number of elements and products of wood, fine grain and of great finish has as main elements of manufacturing: moldings, interior and exterior coverings, doors, windows, furniture covers and crafts.

Wood of great value and well qualified for its stability and resistance to humidity.


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