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Encina (Zona Central)

Encina (Zona Central)


Brushed and Calibrated National Native Woods



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Scientific Name: Quercus Ilex
Genus: Fagáceas

Tree and wood Coming from Europe and introduced to Chile as other species by early explorers and later settlers as an acorn tree. This almost always present in the fields of the central zone of our country, has granted wood of good value for fine products like tables, chairs of wood and cabinetmaking in general, is a hard wood of excellent finishing and polished and can be considered in purposes where the grain is relevant to the product user. The wood is obtained from logs of smaller lengths seeking the use of the evergreen tree and low height, regularly there may be pieces that incorporate the typical naturalities as knots of tree hooks in lengths not exceeding 2.4 meters. The stock is variable and scarce.


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