Pino Oregón

Pino Oregón


Brushed and Calibrated National Native Woods


Pino Oregón

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Scientific Name: Pseudotsuga Menziesii
Genus: Pseudotsuga

Soft, fast-growing timber was successfully introduced to Chile as a species, however, and regrettably, the correct practice of the North American forest management was not introduced initially, which allows to obtain high quality harvests. In Chile we can find this type of pine in heavy-duty products, since it is considered an economical wood and can be found in any type of construction material sales store.

Its finishing is low quality, its fiber is characteristically astringent and it must be verified before use that there are no sharp elements in the wood. The use in economic constructions also has derived in doors, windows, pergolas of wood, quinchos of wood being used mainly in format of pillars and beams.


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