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Castaño (Zona Central)

Castaño (Zona Central)


Brushed and Calibrated National Native Woods



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Scientific Name: Castanea Sativa
Genus: Fagáceas

Chestnut wood is renowned within the world of woodworking for its qualities and versatility in the manufacture of furniture such as chairs, decks, tables, doors and windows of wood, its vein of elegant conformation lifts it to the exotic wood feature. Due to the excellent finishing results, we can find it in wood applications for fine-made products.

As a tree we usually find it for purposes of fruits (chestnut) and ornamentation in the fields of the south central zone and part of southern Chile, usually planted as a food source by European settlers settled in the southern territories. The height without human intervention can be much greater to the typical trees that we find in Chile, in Europe for example there are chestnuts of up to 30 meters of height nevertheless the typical adaptation in Chile by means of the prunings in its young stage, entails to obtain as a result national chestnut species trees of low height, leafy and with relevant diameters in their short trunks. The result after the process of sawing of the wood is of smaller lengths in the tables to realize the appropriate use and the later use in the woodworking.


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