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Cedro (Amazónico)

Cedro (Amazónico)


Brushed and Calibrated Imported Woods



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Scientific Name: Cedrela Odorata
Genus: Meliaceae

Wood immensely quoted in architecture and construction, its fragrance fully identifiable and its bitter taste make it fully identifiable, the colors of the same are sometimes clear, brown and reddish, you can observe the presence of small black dotted in direction of the vein. On its uses can be seen in coatings for walls and skies delivering neat and fine spaces, the use in placarol veneered doors is known in the industry, it is also customary for solid wood doors. Each of the parts and pieces that are made with this species will add the necessary quota of elegance and value to the space.

With regard to its mechanical behavior, a stable wood and resistance to changes in moisture is deduced once pieces are made with dry wood, in the case of finishing it is well finished in polishing, in addition there are pieces of greater homogeneity of color in case of doors, assemblies, lumber pieces among others.


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