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Abeto Douglas (América del Norte)

Abeto Douglas (América del Norte)


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Abeto Douglas

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Scientific Name: Pseudotsuga Menziesii
Genus: Pseudotsuga

It is one of the many species of conifers that we can find in the world, the American oregon pine has been known in our country since times where the North American companies made their arrival in Chile with the purpose of colonizing the northern lands and begin the exploitation of Some resources, this involved the creation of various works, so the fir Douglas arrived initially as cargo ballast in the first cargo ships came empty for the purpose of transporting cargo from Chile to other destinations. As wood the use and the application was destined at first to thick work mainly, later and with the course of the years this species classified for the elaboration of other products like doors, windows of wood, moldings inside others. The Veta joint and linear feature makes it possible to obtain a pleasing product.

It should be mentioned that isn't the same with the national oregon pine in appearance and qualities, the latter being characteristically knotty, with a more open vein and presence of bicolors, without naming an abysmal difference between the types of finishing grains. This is due to several factors such as inadequate management of the forest is its development process, the lack of pruning, the use of seeds in reforestation without certification, the felling of the forest in very young stages and lacking pre-harvest maturity . This implies to obtain trees of smaller diameter and therefore young woods of low quality.


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